Manufacturing potentialities

The radial forging machine allows the manufacture of bars in the diameter from 100 to 500 mm and length of up to 15 meters with an accuracy of ±2 mm. 


Stock of ingots

In order to achieve higher flexibility of manufacture and faster delivery, we maintain a stock of input materials, in particular ingots and billets for Oil&Gas applications, tool steels and materials for the machinery industry. 

We can also offer storing the customer's materials if need be. 

Open die forging

Our company owns an open die fonrging machine with the power of 16 MN (1600 tonnes) fitted with a manipulator with the capacity of 12 tonnes.  In addition to the bars and billets, this machine can also produce shaped and hollow forgings.  Thanks to the powerful furnaces, the capacity can reach up to 1,000 tonnes a month.


Rotary forging – high-speed forging press

The heart of the company is a hi-tech high-speed forging press with the force of 18 MN (1,800 tonnes) and the speed of up to 220 punches per minute. 
The rotary forging in combination with the traditional forging give us a great deal of flexibility in the area of the product portfolio.  The high-speed forging press is suitable for the production of special alloys as well as standard steels. 

Heat treatment

The heat treatment facility is one of the most modern in the world.  It is a complex of eight furnaces, a manipulator and hardening tanks – water, polymer.  The heat treatment meets the strictest standards. 
The workplace is certified for Oil&Gas applications (API 6A Annex M rev. 21) as well as the aviation industry (AMS 2750E). 



We rough standard products to the roughness of up to Ra 1.6.

We also provide machining on lathes and milling machines including drilling and finishing.

We cooperate on surface treatments to achieve higher mechanical properties – nitriding, hard surfacing. 

Ultrasonic NDT

One of the most important phases in the manufacture is nondestructive testing.  We have an expert NDT team who have become one of the most demanded teams in Central Europe under the management of the top-qualified level III specialists.


Mechanical and metallographic testing

We deliver products mechanically and metallographically tested according to the standards or the customer's specification.  We use the local Vítkovice Testing Center s.r.o. and, if need be, cooperate with other testing centres in Europe and the USA. 

Storage and shipping

We ship the products by land and rail and load them by crane or forklift.  We ship containers, which travel to the seafaring vessels, as well as special loads. 

The shipping department is open Non - Fri 6:00 - 13:00 hours. 



We have more than 190-year tradition in the manufacture and processing of steel. 
With our unique equipment, we can produce and process a broad portfolio of materials, which are used in the most demanding industrial applications. 



Our equipment can process steel grades



We process titanium – material of the future – for the most demanding applications



We process superalloys used in the most demanding industrial applications


Stainless steel

We process stainless steel for leading manufacturers in various branches of industry


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